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Attendance and departure system and electronic locks

Our company has provided a number of solutions to control access to sites and from discreet destinations with multiple features that allow entry, whether by using a fingerprint or a magnetic card, or by using a destination fingerprint or an iris print, to authorized areas or to prohibited areas, which can include automatic door locks associated with devices Access control or turnstiles and main gates.

Our company has also planned one step further by moving this system online so that building security can have a location by direct monitoring and reporting of the location in case of any emergency.

Connect networks and servers

Our company provides solutions for building networks of both types, fiber & copper (with the possibility of merging different systems to enable the transmission of voice, data and video signals, as the growing demand and rapid expansion of communication and obtaining high speeds clearly led to the demand for expanding the communications infrastructure in the growth of this sector, and for this our company seeks To supply the latest integrated solutions in this field for the purpose of covering the demand in the market.

General trading and supply contracting for electricity projects, office furniture and electrical appliances

Among the tasks of our company are general trading, supplying electrical materials, contracting supplies of all kinds, supplying electrical projects with lighting poles, cables and specialized materials, in addition to supplying office furniture.

Tracking systems for vehicles and people

Tracking projects are among the most prominent projects that characterize our company, as we supply strategic and tactical tracking systems, vehicle and person tracking devices, from solid international origins, in addition to supplying and texting bridge scales.

Communications equipment, antennas, and Internet processing and distribution systems

The increasing number of Internet connectivity solutions, the increase in IP traffic, and the higher adoption of mobile computing devices have led to a growing need to deploy WLAN solutions.

Our company is distinguished for providing wireless network solutions from approved sources in the global market and through the latest range of wireless products and Internet access devices with high speed insurance (HSIA) to meet the urgent need for the development of various devices such as IOT and mobile systems with the possibility of providing high capacities for download purposes Along with providing higher bandwidth capacity.

Our company also supplies the latest antennas and systems for supplying and transmitting Internet service
With strategic and tactical vehicles and people tracking devices and from solid international origins, in addition to the processing and text of bridge scales.

Security equipment and specialized projects

Our company provides its unique security technical expertise in the service of security services by supplying security equipment for the army, internal security forces and security institutions, such as thermal cameras, implant detection devices, data extraction and analysis systems, portable cameras, wheel and bag detection devices, the establishment of command and control rooms and halls, and the implementation of specialized security projects. Manufacturing electronic boards through partnership with international companies

Fire systems, protection from theft, and securing homes and buildings

This system is based on a wide central building management system capable of interacting with various installed systems such as lighting, air conditioning, security, alarms and comprehensive monitoring. .

The right time, in addition to building and equipping alarm systems for fires and theft, and protecting institutions and buildings from penetration through the latest technology in security fences

Home and enterprise automation, energy and control solutions

Our company has provided a set of solutions in the field of office and home automation through the standard implementation of an intelligent system and who are equipped to give more room for choice, as this system brings many systems such as lights and temperature control, among other systems under one umbrella with elegant and tasteful panels or Mobile Tablet to solve Replacing the chaos of required keys and within one management that can be implemented using mobile devices.

In addition to the implementation of control projects, energy supply solutions, the supply of electric inverters, and the generation of energy by solar cells.

Technical engineering training and development laboratories

Our company is considered an exclusive agent for a number of international companies specialized in manufacturing engineering training laboratories in various branches, in addition to engineering research and development laboratories for the purpose of developing the scientific capabilities of university students, in addition to equipping smart boards and interactive screens that operate with touch technology and equipping smart trips of various sizes.

Camera and video surveillance system

Our company has effectively contributed to the implementation of a number of infrastructure projects for camera surveillance systems supported by advanced monitoring software (VMS). Our company relies on building major projects on detailed solution designs according to customer requirements and adherence to the latest standards set by the market, government and regulators.

Our solutions support various centers such as hotels, villas and malls. Shopping, companies and government centers, and video wall systems are being installed and equipped.

Exchange and telephone communication systems

As is the case with any business, the telephony system is vital for production and managing clients or guests for the purpose of communicating with the outside world. Our company has provided integrated solutions of exchange systems, whether operating within the IP (VOIP) system, analog, hybrid digital or cloud, taking into account the best The practices and certificates from the manufacturer with the provision of a number of applications that provide various communication solutions at low costs and high specifications, in addition to building networks of television channels (CATV) and audio systems. It also provides integrated solutions for security and civil wireless radio communications.

Role of a Security Guard

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Crowd Control

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Powers of Arrest

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Patrol Techniques

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Use of Force

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First Aid

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